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Male 1907 - 1965  (58 years)


Timeline of Henderson Migration

A timeline showing the migration of the main branch of the Henderson family based on collected data.

Late 1700's - Clear Creek, Missouri
Joseph HENDERSON, Sr. was said to have settled at Clear Creek, Missouri at an early age, then afterward returned to Tennessee.

1777 (Feb) - Joseph HENDERSON Sr. served in the American Revolutionary War, in the 3rd Virgina Regiment for 27 days at the age of 16 years. (NOTE: I do not believe this to be accurate anymore. This information is from a different line, but I am verifying this).

1789 - George Washington becomes the first President of the United States of America.

1797 - John Adams, Jr. becomes the second President of the United States of America.

1801 - Thomas Jefferson becomes the third President of the United States of America.

1803 - Louisiana Purchase. A large central portion of the United States was purchased from the French, which is the territory the French called, "Louisiana".

1809 - James Madison became the fourth President of the United States of America.

1810 - Magonpin County, Tennessee
Birth of Joseph HENDERSON Jr

1817 - James Monroe became the fifth President of the United States of America.

1837 (16 Mar) - Cass County, Missouri
Joseph HENDERSON Jr marries Mary BUTLER

1841 (4 May) - Jackson County, Missouri
Birth of Thomas Benton HENDERSON

1843 (fall) - Newton County Missouri
Joseph HENDERSON, Jr. moves to Newton County, Missouri

1845 (9 Feb) - Newton County, Missouri
Birth of Anthony Bledsoe HENDERSON. It's intersting to note that in Jollification, Missouri, there was a man named Anthony BLEDSOE who was listed in the 1850 and 1860 census as a Blacksmith. His wife was Catherine BUTLER, sister to Mary BUTLER, who was the wife of Joseph HENDERSON Jr.

I am making the assumption that Anthony BLEDSOE was liked by Joseph and Mary HENDERSON and so they named a son after him. It can also be seen in the 1850 Census that Anthony BLEDSOE and Catherine BUTLER named a son after Joseph as well.

1850 - Newton County, Missouri
United States Federal Census shows Mary still living with her children. Her husband, Joseph HENDERSON Jr, died in 1849.

1861 - The United States Civil War Begins

We know that the HENDERSON'S lived in Jollification, Missouri around this time, and also that the Civil War combatants used the road between Springfield and Neosho in 1862 through 1863.

1865 - The United States Civil War Ends

1866 (22 Oct) - Newton County, Missouri
Birth of Joseph Henry HENDERSON - I have his death certificate on file, and it verifies his birth place and date, but it does have several errors. For example, it states that his Father's name is Anthony A. HENDERSON, and his mother's name is Elizabeth BANKS. The family bible of Anthony Bledsoe HENDERSON and Matilda Jane BANKS prove that they are his parents and his birth certificate is incorrect. The family bible shows Joseph was born on the date verified on his death certificate, and also matches his headstone. I believe that whoever supplied the information for the death certificate, possibly his wife, did not know the complete and real names of his parents.

1870 - Newton County, Missouri
The 1870 United States Federal Census shows Anthony Bledsoe HENDERSON and family living in Newton County, Newtonia City, Missouri.

1876 - Alexander Graham Bell's assistant, Thomas A. Watson, hears the words, "MR. WATSON, COME HERE, I WANT YOU" over his telephone.

1879 - Thomas Edison develops a practical incandescent, electric light

1880 - Batie, Benton, Arkansas
United States Federal Census shows Anthony Bledsoe HENDERSON and family - Verified

1889 (22 Apr) - Oklahoma Land Rush - Notice that soon after the "Land Rush" the Hendersons were found to have moved to Oklahoma...

1889 - The Hendersons moved by covered wagon into an area called the, "Cherokee Strip" (now Cherokee County, Oklahoma)

1899 - Oklahoma
Birth of William Alfred HENDERSON

1900 - Payne County, Oklahoma
The 1900 United States Federal Census shows Joseph Henry HENDERSON and family living in Payne County, Henry City, Oklahoma.

1905 - Oklahoma
Birth of Cecil Henry HENDERSON. This shows that the family was living in Oklahoma up until the time they moved to Boise, ID.

1905 - Moved to Boise, ID
According to the birth certificate of Fred Monroe HENDERSON the family had lived in Boise, ID for 2 years so we can estimate that they moved to Boise, ID around 1905.

1907 (20 Mar) - Boise, ID
Birth of Fred Monroe HENDERSON. - Verified (Birth Certificate on file)
At this time his father, Joseph Henry HENDERSON, worked as a foreman on the B & I Railroad according to the birth certificate.

1908 - First Ford Model-T's rolled off of the assembly line...

1908 - Oklahoma
Birth of Raymond Lester HENDERSON. Apparently the family moved back to Oklahoma and remained there until at least 1918 when Leo Joseph HENDERSON was born.

1910 - Oklahoma
1910 Federal Census shows Joseph Henry HENDERSON and family living in Payne County, Stillwater City, Oklahoma.

1918 - Oklahoma
Birth of Leo Joseph HENDERSON.

1920 - Britton Township, Oklahoma
The 1920 Federal Census shows Joseph Henry HENDERSON and family living in Britton County, Oklahoma.

1936 (16 Oct) - Los Angeles, CA
Birth of Herman Elmer HENDERSON - Verified (Birth Certificate on file)

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