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Birth Certificate of Fred Monroe HENDERSON

Source Information

  • Title Birth Certificate of Fred Monroe HENDERSON 
    Short Title Birth Certificate of Fred Monroe HENDERSON 
    Author State of Idaho 
    Publisher State of Idaho 
    Source ID S15 
    Text 1. Place of Birth
    18th & State
    Boise, ID

    2. Usual Residence of Mother
    18th & State
    Boise, ID
    e. How long has mother lived in ID? 2 years.

    3. Residence of father? Boise, ID

    4. Full name of child: Fred Monroe Henderson

    5. Date of birth: 20 Mar 1907

    6. Sex: Male

    Father of Child
    10. Full Name: Joseph Henry Henderson

    11. Color or Race: White

    12. Age at time of THIS birth: 40 years

    13. Birthplace: Newton County, Missouri

    14. Exact Occupation: Foreman on B.&.I. R.R.

    15. Occupation Industry or Business: Rail Road

    Mother of Child
    16. Full Maiden Name: Luella Denham

    17. Color or Race: White

    18. Age at time of this birth: 34 years

    19. Birthplace: Franklin County, Illinois

    20. Exact Occupation: Housewife

    23. Number of children of this mother
    (a) At time of birth and including this child: 8
    (b) Born alive and now living: 9

    (Note: Does the answers to number 23 not make sense to anyone else?)

    For some reason this birth certificate has an additional section at the bottom that was filled out on 21 Mar 1942 certifying that the information on it is correct. This certification was accomplished by the mother, Luella Henderson at 69 years of age. She was then living at (5372 Rosecranns Drive, Compton, CA)

    It almost looks as though the birth certificate had to be redone in 1942 for some reason.

    The Certified Copy of this birth certificate is now part of the Rick Henderson Family Library. 
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